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20 Social Ads That Scream, “We Need Change in This World”

Public service ads are probably one of the best ways to remind people why protecting the environment is extremely important. Of course, in order to make people interested in environmental safety, public ads have to be extremely powerful.

A really illustrative powerful ad

Global warming is real.

This is what we do ourselves:

On the island of Sumatra, 663 million trees have been cut down to make palm oil for toothpaste.

Plastic ocean

Don’t dirty our beaches.

More and more animals are going extinct.

We need to stop being lazy.

Before it’s too late.

And the picture could have been perfect.

Would you buy this “seafood” at a supermarket?

And the process of restoring the forests takes decades.

Recycling is the way to solve the problem.

The entire planet is endangered every time we cut down a tree.

The sea can’t take it anymore.

This cannot work forever.

The more paper you save, the fewer trees we lose.

Rivers are life.

Don’t let them sink.

The plastic will outlive them.

Bonus: Cars that never got sold

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