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10+ People Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

The world we live in forces us to be someone we don’t want to. We tend to be a little more sarcastic, slightly ruder and very unkind. Eventually, we stop giving any fucks at all.

Every day, we face countless expectations and social codes that are meant to dictate our behavior and inhibit our individuality. You would be surprised how relieving it is to disregard what other people think about you. As long as nobody gets hurt, just do your own thing.

#1 This Is Carter. He Knocked On My Door To Ask If He Could Have A Banana Then Left

#2 This Old Couple

#3 Elderly Couple Posing For Photo After Their Car Flipped (Wife Still Trapped Inside)

#4 Spiderman At The Birth Of Jesus

#5 Just Keep Smiling

#6 This Subway Vent Guy

#7 This Lady At The Gym

#8 My Friends And I Saw This The Other Day

#9 My Friend’s Flight Got Cancelled

#10 Just Let Me Play

#11 Just Taking A Ride

#12 This Musician

#13 Hurricane Sandy? What Hurricane Sandy?

#14 My Friend Was At The Airport, And This Old French Woman Was Giving No F*cks

#15 Juliet Waiting For Romeo

#16 This Guy Couldn’t Care Less

#17 My Sister Lives In Florida And Sends Some Weird Pictures Of People. This Was Most Recent

#18 Making Pancakes During Class

#19 Real Engineers Simply Don’t Care

#20 F**k It I’ll Make A Tree

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