13 Awesome Cities That Have Changed Drastically Over The Years

The urban population of our world has grown rapidly from 746 million in 1950 to 3.9 billion in 2014. It sounds incredibly fast! But with population growth, our cities have evolved too and we can hardly recognize some of these places when you compare old pictures of them to how they look today.

1. Dubai in 1964 and now

2. Avenida Nueve de Julio in Buenos Aires in 1937 and now

3. The Moscow River in the 19th century and now

4. Hyderabad in India in the 1880s and now

5. Chicago in 1838 and now

6. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur in the 1900s and now

7. The view from Galata Tower in Istanbul in the 1870s and now

8. Downtown Los Angeles in 1994 and now

9. Neftchiler Avenue in Baku in the 1920s and now

10. Suzhou Creek in Shanghai around 1920 and now

11. The Republic Square in Yerevan in 1916 and now

12. View of Bangkok in 1822 and now

13. Manhattan with The Brooklyn Bridge on the right in 1873 and now

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