15 ‘Life Hacks’ So Crappy, They’re Hilarious

Creativity is often described as a process of coming up with original ideas that have value. And these ideas below sure are original… they just struggle with the value part.

Internauts have gathered in a special sub-Reddit called /r/ShittyLifeProTips, where they share these ludicrous “life hacks,” which besides being hilarious, bring more of a negative value to those who would practice them.

The absurdity is strong with the tips ranging from putting on a spiked vest to get some personal space on the subway, to eating your food with toothpaste to save time. But as hilarious as these are, make sure you don’t confuse them with actually useful life hacks…

Cut Your Tennis Balls In Half To Store Two More Balls In Each Can, Saving Space

Use This Vest Protects Your Personal Space On The Subway

Use A Toilet Seat To Put Your Plate On While Watching TV

Use The Metal Part Of Your Seat Belt To Open Beers While Driving

Magnify Your Phone’s Screen By Putting It In A Glass Of Water

Take A Selfie Through A Toilet Roll Tube And Pretend You’re The Moon

Don’t Buy New Socks. Use A Permanent Marker Instead

Sneak A Chocolate Into American Movie Theatres With This Trick

Spray Your Headphones With Some “Johnson’s No More Tangles” When They Are Tangled

Keep Cake Moist By Eating It All In One Sitting

Put A Bean Filled Glove On Your Baby’s Back When You Want Your Kids To Feel Loved, But You’re Too Tired

Impress Your Guests And Reduce Clutter With This Simple Tip

Use Laptop Chargers To Heat Snacks Up

Stop Tears In The Kitchen With This Life Hack

Save Time By Adding Toothpaste To Your Food

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