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15 Ways How Bored Bookstore Employees Entertain Themselves

If you ever decide to visit Bordeaux, France make sure you visit this Instagram-famous bookstore Librairie Mollat that is well-known for its ongoing photo series called Book Face. Its employees have found an activity that brightens the day for them and their customers.

Book Face is based on a technique called trompe l’oeil (deceive the eye) and its main goal is to use realistic images to create an optical illusion that the image you see exists in three dimensions.

Having more than 52k followers on Instagram, you may think that this is a very new-fashioned bookstore but Librairie Mollat is actually a first independent bookstore in France and they first opened their doors 122 years ago. So, Librairie Mollat is nothing but ordinary, combining literature, photography and social media.

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