16 Actors And Actresses: Different Centuries, Same Age

16 actors of the same age, different century.

Elizabeth Taylor and Maisie Williams, age 21

Audrey Hepburn and Eva Green, age 38

Clark Gable and Ryan Gosling, age 38

Grace Kelly and Dakota Fanning, age 24

Ingrid Bergman and Emma Roberts, age 27

Sophia Loren and Eva Mendes, age 45

James Dean and Ansel Elgort, age 24

Vivien Leigh and Catherine Zeta-Jones, age 49

Lauren Bacall and Monica Bellucci, age 55

Brigitte Bardot and Lily Collins, age 29

Alain Delon and Richard Madden, age 32

Marilyn Monroe and Amanda Seyfried, age 33

Liza Minnelli and Emma Stone, age 30

Barbra Streisand and Kaya Scodelario, age 27

Marlene Dietrich and Jessica Biel, age 36

Adriano Celentano and Nicholas Hoult, age 29

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