Facts OMG

16 Creepy Facts Full of WTF

1. A lot of people probably buried their hamsters alive because they didn’t know hamsters hibernate.

2. Humans are pretty slow runners compared to other races, but we are the best throwers on the planet. No other specie can throw stuff like we do. This is why in case of danger, throwing things in the direction of an hostile animal may scare the shit out of it.

3. The bacteria that decomposed trees wasn’t around for millions of years. That means for millions of years, trees were just dying, falling over, and lying like a bunch of logs stacked around each other.

4. We kill 100 million sharks A YEAR.

5. There is no cure for rabies once you develop symptoms. You just die, slowly and painful.

6. Evolution of animals leads to crabs more often than anything else. It’s called carcinization.

7. The original Blade Runner was set in 2015.

8. Bees kill wasps by sitting on them and then flapping their wings so hard. This creates a high heat that burns the wasp.

9. “If we kill humans the same speed we kill animals for food, the entire population would be gone in 17 days.”

10. More aircraft were lost during WWII than there are airworthy aircraft flying today. The level of death and destruction in war is difficult to comprehend.

11. Human placentas now contain microplastics.

12. 2050 is closer than 1990.

13. The newborn baby megalodon shark was the same size as an adult great white shark.

14. If bees were paid minimum wage for their labor, a jar of honey would cost $182,000.

15. In France you can still marry a dead person.

16. If you weighed all the ants in the world, it would weigh more than all the people in the world.

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