17 Amazing Things That People Discovered

“This bottom left window is actually a painting.”

“I can grip things backwards”

“Cooling towers at nuclear power plants are open at the bottom.”

“A snail made the image of a face on the greenhouse.”

“This store circled all the orange stems with Sharpie.”

“My Uber is also a convenience store”

“This ice that melted into a vague shark shape at my work.”

“This bottle of flavored oxygen at Walgreens pharmacy.”

“This Lowe’s advertises the size of the freezer by how many deer fit in it.”

“These chairs have fart vents”

“This Puzzle is actually a prank puzzle.”

“This pub has an oubliette”

“My takeout rice container was 100% filled.”

“This picture in my dentist office looks like an anus.”

“There are random freezers on some streets of Dubai that have food & drinks for whoever needs it.”

“an egg I bought from a farmer’s market (bottom) compared to a store bought one.”

“I toasted bread to absolute perfection”

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