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17 Moments of parental pride that spread positivity

Took my (6yo)daughter’s favorite stuffy on a work trip with me so she wouldn’t be sad. Was a LOT of fun. She LOVED it.

My son hasn’t fallen asleep on me since he’d doze off mid bottle… over 5 years ago. This was him tonight watching “Cars”. Feels so great to snuggle him.

My wife wanted to try holding all 3. I call it the Abuela Madrigal challenge

Made this masterpiece for my sons 4th Birthday. He freaked out, he loved it so much.

My fierce little baby on her 1st birthday

Sometimes life is hard, other time this happens

it’s so awesome when they play nice together

Last night after dinner vs first thing in the morning. He is a magician and transfered all the weight from his belly to his diaper

Toddler left overs? You mean bonus dinner!

My wife was pumping, so both of my little guys got to hang out on my chest this morning.

Proud moment! Last year my wife and I wrote a book about our little boy and we got it illustrated and self published it. Finally, after months of trying we managed to get in stocked in a local shop. I took Ollie to go and see his book in the shop and he was so proud, it was worth all the hard work 😁

My kid makes me smile so often 🙂

Some days are all right

Excuse the mess, my kids have been showing an interest in cooking so we made pizza tonight! My youngest declared “That was fun!” So I guess we’re doing this more often.

Glow sticks in the bubble bath is the best bath.

We all had a fever yesterday, this is how my wife found us when she came home from work

my kids make me smile. they are so good to eachother. my son makes me laugh and is so sweet and smart and endures so much. my daughter is such an amazing person and big sister and loves her brother so much. my children are truly a blessing in my life that makes my heart feel like it could burst!

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