18 Creative Geniuses With A Sense of Humor

Creativity is a special thing. The ability to make something great of the mundane is a uniquely human skill. It’s what turned dirt and rock into the pyramids, sand and fire into glass, and cheese and shame into cheese-wiz. In the right circumstances, creative genius can give us another wonder of the world. In the more… normal… circumstances, it can give us something to chuckle about at the very least. Down below are some people who managed to make something smile-worthy out of nothing.

1. “It was a brisk −2°F, so I did what anyone would do in this situation and I froze some pajamas.”

2. A clock for marketers?

3. “When you get a device for making snow ducks…”

4. “…your day turns into a real adventure!”

5. “And now no one can stop me.”

6. “Someone sent me a kid toy in a Louis Vuitton box.”

7. “As I couldn’t finish the picture on time, I had to find a way out.”

8. “Came over to my granny’s for lunch and saw this — syrup in a mini apron.”

9. “A snow walrus that greeted me on my walk”

10. “My father has a carpet for his big mouse and a little carpet for his little mouse.”

11. “My first experience with using a sewing machine, thread, and needles looked like this.”

12. “Made my husband a cake for his birthday. Thrilled with how hilariously awful it turned out.”

13. “My husband left town today for a bachelor party. I came home to this.”

14. “My husband has a googly eye addiction.”

15. Someone even put them on this Starbucks sign.

16. “I buy my husband a nice new toy, and he just wants to play with the box.”

17. “Today, Yana (28 years old) had a day off and a box of plasticine. These are the cherries.”

18. “Some time ago, I went to a party dressed as myself, 10 years in the future.”

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