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19 Moments When Life Decided To Suck

1. I was cruising about 50mph, then the plastic snapped.

2. I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.

3. Living in Texas.

4. Just moved in…

5. Kept hearing a weird grinding noise in the corner of my dark room. I turn on my flashlight and see my cat chewing on the headstock of my custom vintage Fender Strat. I’m furious.

6. Had a few hours to spare. Thought I’d pamper myself a bit and try out my new pore suction before I were to head out to an important interview…

7. What it looks like to win a standard weekend day.

8. Brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs.

9. “I know you’re not feeling well, let me move your car for you.” The next morning.

10. We just built a big 18×36 foot pergola over our back patio for extra “shade”.

11. I had a Hawaiian Punch can from 1992 on a display case and it developed a pin sized hole and pissed all over my head.

12. I put aluminum foil down in the oven to make cleanup easier after cooking pizza. The foil melted and got stuck instead.

13. Some random guy walked up and smashed my window with his skateboard.

14. Tow truck driver driving away with my 4wd rav4 running and in park. Is now a write off.

15. My “inspected” batteries from Amazon.

16. Got a new mixer and plugged it in while pushing the mixers in place. Accidentally tuned it on and decided to mix my middle finger! I can’t even bend the mixer back to form and my finger still hurts.

17. Friend arrived home from work to find his PS5 melting itself.

18. Almost done with half my bagel when I noticed…

19. Cars frozen from seawater arriving to Vladivostok port.

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