Amazing History

20 Captivating historical pictures revealing intriguing events of the past that are rarely seen

#1 Grace Jones By Jean-Paul Goude, 1981

#2 Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt In The Flush Of Youth

#3 A Girl Watches Her Father Perform Acrobatics

#4 August 23, 1989: 2 Million People Form A Human Chain Through Latvia, Estonia, And Lithuania, Uniting All 3 Countries To Show The World Their Desire To Escape The Soviet Union

#5 (1980) Punk Legend Viv Albertine Of The Slits Performs At Alexandra Palace In London

#6 Anthony Bourdain On Dublin – “If You’ve Got Any Kind Of A Heart, A Soul, An Appreciation For Your Fellow Man, Or Any Kind Of Appreciation For The Written Word, Or Simply A Love Of A Perfectly Poured Beverage, Then There’s No Way You Could Avoid Loving This City.”

#7 Young Couple Kissing Before The Fall Of The Berlin Wall In 1989

#8 Family Friend Went Camping 30 Years Ago And Heard A Noise. She Stuck Her Camera Outside Her Tent And Snapped This Picture

#9 Ornithologist Jerry Mcgahan Holding A 6-Month-Old Andean Condor In 1971

#10 Audrey Tautou On The Set Of Amélie In 2001

#11 Iggy Pop Raised By The Crowd In A Messianic Pose Live In Cincinnati In 1970

#12 Björk By Laura Levine In 1991

#13 Andy Fletcher From Depeche Mode At The Hill 16 Pub, Dublin, 1983

#14 Sigourney Weaver And Rick Moranis On Set Of The First Ghostbusters In 1984

#15 Barbra Streisand By Cecil Beaton, 1969

#16 The Couple On The Woodstock Album Cover Is Still Together 50 Years Later In 2019

#17 East German Soldier Helps A Little Boy Sneak Across The Berlin Wall The Day It Was Erected In 1961

#18 David Bowie Performs To A Huge Crowd At Milton Keynes Bowl In 1983

#19 In A 1996 Incident At An Illinois Zoo, A Female Gorilla Cradled A 3-Year-Old Boy Who Fell Nearly 20 Feet Into Her Enclosure An 8-Year-Old Gorilla Named Binti Jua Made Worldwide Headlines When She Carried A Boy To Safety After He Slipped Away From His Mother And Climbed Through A Barrier At The Western Lowland Gorilla Pit At The Brookfield Zoo On Aug. 19, 1996

#20 David Bowie And Wife Iman

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