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20 Classic Versions of Popular Memes, Reimagined By AI

We were also wondering what the process of recreating popular memes looked like. The author shared with us: “Essentially, starting with an idea in my mind, I develop the prompt that enables me to generate an image as closely as possible to what I envision, using models like Midjourney or DELL-e. Afterward, depending on the image, I might use other software programs to enhance its quality or add finer details.”

Asked how the creator of AI Dreams came up with the idea of transforming famous memes into their 19th-century versions, they answered: “The idea for the meme project had been brewing in my mind for a while. I wanted to recreate famous memes in distinctive styles. The recent launch of DELL-E 3, which is highly responsive in terms of prompt comprehension, enabled me to execute this concept very effectively.”

Next, we were curious to find out what the author of reimagined images thinks about the widespread backlash against AI being used to create “art”. We learned that: “As for the prejudice that many people still hold towards artificial intelligence in art, it’s understandable that there might be skepticism. People often value the personal touch and emotional connection in art, and there can be concerns that AI might replace human creativity. However, I believe that over time, as AI continues to evolve and artists find creative ways to integrate it into their work, perceptions will change. AI can be a powerful tool to enhance and complement human creativity, rather than replace it.”

Lastly, we asked the creator to share some thoughts about AI with Bored Panda readers: “In reality, I’m a person brimming with ideas, and AI has allowed me to unleash my creative potential. I always strive to infuse a sense of humor into my creations, aiming to bring a smile to those who view them.”

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