20+ Confusing Photos That Hypnotized Our Eyes

“Saw this rock and thought it was cheesecake.”

This black car looks like a mirror after being washed.

When something happened to your legs:

“I was just working and minding my own business when I saw this.”

“It looks like this hippo charger has bitten and broken my phone.”

“It looks like this hippo charger has bitten and broken my phone.”

“My dog’s ear looks like his own face.”

“My friend’s cow looks like outer space.”

“The shadow of these eyeglasses looks like a different style of eyeglasses.”

This fish blends in.

Cooked chicken that looks like a chicken

“I think my dog is melting.”

“Looks like a laughing demon!”

“My dog is the exact same color as the rug at my mother-in-law’s house.”

So this is where the fog comes from…

Even guys take selfies with food…or do they?

This tree looks like a resting dragon.

“The fog is making the stadium look like a spaceship.”

“It took me a really long time to figure out it’s a sock.”

“It looks like this black and white picture has a yellow light but it’s only a reflection.”

High-waisted pants are in fashion now!

The girl’s leg is backward.

“The marbling on this cake looks like a skunk.”

When the inside of your mushroom looks like a mushroom:

“The way this mask looks like this guy’s cape…”

Bonus: an amazing resemblance between 2 people

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