20+ Faces In Everyday Objects

Have you ever noticed how various objects and constructions look as if they’ve got faces – they are smiling, being angry or amazed. However, what some may call acuteness to detail is usually attributed to a psychological phenomenon, called pareidolia – that’s when a person perceives a random stimulus as something significant, for e.g., sees faces on clouds or buildings.

On the other hand, it doesn’t necessary mean you’re crazy. For example, carmakers are very much aware of this tendency of people to see faces on inanimate objects, and according to car critic Dan Neil “sometimes they play toward it, and sometimes they play against it.”

It may also be more common among people with a wilder imagination. Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that when an artist is about to invent and paint some scene, he will be able to visualize it on practically any surface. So, if you happen to see an odd face on a wall every once in a while, don’t worry – chances are you’re perfectly normal

1. Sad Faucet

2. Happy Headlights

3. Drunk Washing Machine

4. Grizzly Bear

5. Grumpy Train

6. Iggy Pop: Sad Torso is Sad

7. World’s Happiest Airplane

8. Smiling Cheese Grater

9. Red Jacket Zipper Fish

10. Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight

11. Church Chicken

12. Happy Chair

13. They Know What They’re Going to be Used For

14. : P

15. Giggling Roof

16. My Car Can’t Believe It

17. Angry Mop

18. OMG Wall

19. Pleased Pots

20. Angry Clock

21. Happy Little Scooter-Frog

22. Evil Boxes

23. Evil Rose

24. House With Personality

25. Amazed Car Bumper

26. Happy Ceiling

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