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20 Google Vs. Bing Memes That Are Hilariously Accurate

What comes to your mind when you think about “googling”? Probably looking up some interesting articles, a recipe or your next travel destination. What about “binging”? Binging on pizza? Netflix? French fries? I guess my point is that people don’t really use the term “binging” when they think about looking something up – and that’s probably because not many actually know what Bing is.

To quickly summarize, Bing is a search owned by Microsoft, a sort-of alternative to Google. Now, it’s not bad to have alternatives when it comes to looking things up online but people began noticing something was a little off when it came to Bing search results. Turns out that sometimes Bing’s results turn out a little more… sinister when compared to Google’s. And it did not take long for people to begin pointing out these differences with hilarious Google Vs. Bing memes. Check them out below!

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