20 HUGE trends that everyone forgot about


“Anyone else remember Koosh balls?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Chuck Norris memes.”

“Flash mobs.”


“Tight-rolling your jeans.”

“Pet rocks. Dude made bank”

“Does anyone remember popcorn shirts? Those were huge”


“That odd period when everything was themed around a mustache.”

“Clowns randomly showing up in places and freaking people out. I feel like it was just a few years ago.”

“Y’all remember silly bandz? Those little animal-shaped rubber bands? Those things took over my middle school. Ended up being treated like a controlled substance which only made them even more valuable. Then one day they just vanished.”

“The ‘challenges’ like cinnamon challenge, the ice bucket challenge, condom challenge, etc.”

“Tae Bo”

“Slap bracelets”


“Pokémon go. I know some people still play. But it was huge when it first came out”

“3D tvs and curved computer display monitors.

They kept saying, “3D TV is the future!” They’ve been dead for a few years now.”

“Gangnam Style”

“Beanie babies.”

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