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20 Indicators that we could be presently living in a collective dystopian nightmare

Despite going about our daily lives as if everything is normal, sometimes we pause and question whether we, as a species, are doing our best. The existence of various inconsistencies, ranging from discrimination and inequality to oppressive practices on personal freedoms, suggests that our society’s structure is far from perfect.


There is a literal war going on in the civilized world, literally one country away from where I live. If the media doesn’t cover it, nobody cares.


Can’t get disability funding without trying all treatments first. Can’t get treatments first without funding.


If I was pregnant after 5 months in my state, I’d have to give birth. Even if it was dangerous to me. Even though I’m barely a legal adult. I’d still be forced to do it.


Having to have multiple roommates as an adult because we can’t afford our own places (and we all have at least one full time job!) I love it here.


I work to try and ensure residents can live without choosing between eating food and heating their homes. I live in a rich country.


The fact that many companies have hidden research results about what they do because it may harm business, even though the business is harmful to the planet or an individual’s health.


I don’t go to the ER because the last time was 8k. People divorce to receive care facilities since it is 20-40k a month


This society for whatever reason sees nothing wrong with lying while advertising. I think it contributes greatly to the overdeveloped egos that rip everybody off.


Thought crimes and new speak. You have to use the correct euphemistic language and dodge around what you’re trying to say or else a hypersensitive social justice warrior will throw a childish tantrum at you. You need to anticipate which euphemisms they prefer, and if you guess right, they will move the goal post and throw a fit at you anyway.


The loss of argument-based discussions – be it online, in public forums or in politics. Having a different opinion or point of view more often leads to ad hominem argumentation or physical attacks nowadays rather than sharing of thoughts backed by facts.

Especially when it comes to politics, it makes the whole situation worse, as ideology-based ruling never turned out good and with extremes getting stronger again it looks quite dark in the future.
(Not taking any side here – all of them are guilty of that)


I make six figures but live paycheck to paycheck, can’t afford a decent 3 BR house without being house poor (I need it as I work from home) and have $130k in student debt owed to the federal government that I will never be able to pay off.


The world is literally burning to the ground because of global warming yet people who don’t even make a living wage spend what little money they have to pay to watch the show of a talentless family and buy their “beauty” products while members of that family take their private jets to destinations they could easily have driven to. Meanwhile I feel guilty if I use a paper plate. Stop funding the K family people, they are scamming you left and right and care about no one but themselves.


The majority of the world is at the mercy of four world leaders who are certifiably mad or who head up autocratic or oligarchic states with nuclear weapons, and we could all be annihilated in a minute if one of them gets sick of playing “Risk” with the others. Wish the entire world would just stand up to these bullies and ostracize them into oblivion.


Billionaires sending phallic shaped space craft to outer space while some people live in extreme poverty.


The country is run by people who are millionaires, telling everyone else that these are “tough times” and they must “cut back” to ensure their continued survival while they live in excess.


Most people do not earn a living wage.


I no longer have bodily autonomy.


I have major medical issues, some of which are genetic, but if I were to become pregnant right now I could be forced to carry a (likely non-viable) baby to term and give birth. So I have decided not to date until the law is reinstated. If I don’t get a choice, the men don’t get a choice with me.


There are women in some parts of my country who still have to get permission from their boyfriends or husbands to get birth control. They also have to fight with pharmacists who are religiously opposed to it to get birth control. And they sometimes have been denied life-improving surgery to have hysterectomies because- whether the woman wants children or not- the doctor doesn’t agree with her not having children.

I live in the US.


George Orwell’s fabulous book ‘1984’ is no longer fiction but a commentary.

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