20+ Most Indulgent And Unappetizing Oreo Collaborations In History

With Oreo’s recent announcement of its latest creation, ‘The Most Oreo Oreo’, we’ve compiled a list of past Oreo collaborations. Some are acceptable, while others are questionable, but one thing is clear, they were not all requested.

1. The red velvet Oreo milkshake at Burger King.

2. Barefoot Oreo Wine.

3. Batman Oreos.

4. Balckpink Oreos.

5. Game of Thrones Oreos.

6. Buffalo Wing and Wasabi Oreos.

7. Oreo topped donuts from Krispy Kreme.

8. Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreos.

9. McDonald’s Oreo Pie.

10. Sakura and Matcha Oreos.

11. Milka Oreo Candy Bar.

12. The Most Oreo Oreo. Cookies and creme creme in between cookies.

13. Peeps Oreos.

14. Lady Gaga Oreos.

15. NBA Dynasty Oreos.

16. Cracker/Cookie Oreos from Ritz.

17. Pokemon Oreos.

18. Supreme Oreos.

19. Spam and Oreo Burger from McDonald’s.

20. XBOX Oreos.

21. Swedish Fish Oreos.

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