20 Photos That Will Melt Even the Toughest Hearts With Their Stories

“An immigrant father returned to a bookstore where he taught himself English 60 years ago to pick up his son’s new novel.”

Soldiers have created a bridge with their bodies to save people who were affected by severe floods.

This guy shielded this girl from gunfire during the Las Vegas shooting. Recently he proposed to her and she said yes. The wedding is set for this summer.

A young man holds his umbrella for this wheelchaired man to protect him from the rain.

“My buddy is getting ready for a battle with cancer and starting chemo tomorrow. He and his father decided to shave their heads together.”

“When our dog died, our neighbor’s kid made us a card. She was so embarrassed by it that she scratched her name out and wrote her mom’s name instead. It was so funny that it actually cheered me up.”

This American Air Force Colonel spent his life searching for his Japanese birth mother. He found her and learned that she had named her restaurant after him.

“My wife was in foster care from 13–18 years old. This week she launched her book where she described everything she experienced in those years and I couldn’t be more proud.”

“After visiting her mother’s gravestone, my friend decided to stay longer so she could go plot to plot and clean up the pictures of all the children she could find.”

“800 days since diagnosis….my 7-year-old kid just took her last dose of chemo tonight.”

“I took my new puppy to the nursing home next door. They instantly became best friends.”

“Found these 2 purr balls today and since no one claimed them, my wife and I will be their new parents.”

“A 102-year-old Holocaust survivor meets his nephew for the first time after thinking that all of his family perished during World War II.”

“I was wondering why there were so many tennis balls at the dog park I go to.”

This guy’s classmates liked his new sneakers a lot but they didn’t have money to buy their own. So he decided to buy the same sneakers for them too.

“My husky is going blind and likes to stare off the deck. She hasn’t realized yet that we put the grill back.”

“May 4th is National Remembrance Day in the Netherlands for those who died in World War II. At 8 p.m., there are 2 minutes of silence which are widely respected. Trains and trams hold still, as does everyone else, including this pizza delivery guy.”

“I was hiking with my dog when he cut up his paws in the middle of the hike. My friend drove to the hiking trail, hiked to find us, and carried him the whole way out.”

“My grandfather recently passed away. While we were pulling out old photo books I stumbled upon this photo of him showing me how to play Nintendo. He was the source and influence of my passion for gaming.”

“Went to take the trash out and saw this little guy. He came running up to me, so I bent down to pet him and he jumped in my lap and did this. Melted my heart!”

“My beautiful mom before she rapidly deteriorated from a glioblastoma. She walked into brain surgery with a smile on her face and inspires me to always keep smiling even through hard times.”

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