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20 Relatable Comics That Perfectly Capture How Our Daily Routines Changed After Covid

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives quite severely – and there’s hardly anyone out there that captures these changes better than artist Irina Blok. Ever since the beginning of the quarantine, the artist has been creating drawings that perfectly illustrate what most people are currently going through, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find the painfully relatable.

Irina says that she gets inspired by almost anything, like talking to her friends and family, online shopping or simply scrolling through Facebook. She’s also constantly experimenting with new ideas, and her fans seem to love it.

1 Working

Feeling Tired



This Pandemic I’ve Been

The New Normal

Spending Time


Post Pandemic Closet Archaeology

Daily Routune

Social Distanced Office

Most Demanded

Wasted Years

My Job Sucks

Breaking News

WFH Daily Schedule

Returning To Normal

Vaccine Shot

My Life

Reopening Too Soon

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