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20 Significant Historical Occurrences We Would Observe If Time Travel Existed

From ancient civilizations to modern wars, these events have shaped the course of human history and continue to inspire fascination and intrigue. With time travel as a hypothetical tool, the opportunity to witness these events first-hand would provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the events that have shaped our world.

1. 30 January 1969, the Beatles playing on the roof of the Apple building in London. -galvinonthewing

2. I’d watch reactor 4 explode from very far away. And maybe in a special suit. -C_Cooke1

3. Death/resurrection of Jesus. Let’s see if the there is any basis behind Christianity. I don’t know of any other religion based on such a singular event. -ImReverse_Giraffe

4. Strasbourg 1518, to witness the event where the whole town succumbed to mass hysteria and danced themselves to death over 2 months. -tomr84

5. The premier of Beethoven’s 9th symphony in Vienna. -Ghost-Lumos

6. Would love to see and hear dinosaurs roaming around our land. -rci_ancilla

7. The collapse of the Berlin Wall. -TheBk_1er

8. For a long time, the Mediterranean sea was cut off from the Atlantic ocean and the rivers flowing into it were not enough to prevent it drying up completely. At some point in time, the ocean was able to cut an opening at Gibraltar and millions of cubic meters of water poured into the basin. That, I would like to have seen. -comicsnerd

9. When the Golden Gate Bridge was finished, my Father was one of the first to walk across it. He died when I was 8. Would love to see him again. -gml0206

10. A tour of Library of Alexandria before it was destroyed. -SuvenPan

11. As a geologist, the Lake Agassiz flood. During the last glacial period, over 12,000 years ago, there was a massive lake in the middle of the North American continent fed by glacial meltwater. This lake is now known as Lake Agassiz. At its peak, the lake was larger than all of the current Great Lakes combined . Estimates put it at 440,000 square kilometers in area. Most of that water was held in place by glacial and topographic dams.

At the end of the last ice age, the largest ice body containing the lake to the east in Hudson Bay retreated / melted, causing the lake to drain almost completely – in less than nine months . A freshwater lake with tens of thousands of years of history and input, and more fresh water than all other freshwater bodies on the planet at that time combined, drained in less than a year. The flooding was likely unprecedented, carrying erratics (boulders) the size of small houses hundreds of miles away. As the water drained into Hudson Bay and other outlets, the global sea level rose by 1-3 meters.

Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Red Lake, and Lake of the Woods are the largest remnants of Lake Agassiz. -Allfunandgaymes

12. 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, Ice Hockey Medal round, USA VS USSR. -IXPrometheusIX

13. JFK assassination with a bunch of hi res cameras. -Spazmanaut

14. The MLK “I have a dream” speech. That speech always gave me chills. I’m a 3rd grade teacher and always show it to my students to end our lessons on MLK. I show it the Friday before the MLK weekend. -deleted

15. I would love to see the debut of a Molière play at Versailles. -LeoMarius

16. Assuming I have a safe vantage point on some kind of space ship, I choose the planetary impact that’s believed to have given us the moon. -AncientSumerianGod

17. I’d go back in time to watch Neil Armstrong step on the moon on TV. It’s mankind’s greatest achievement, and something I wish I could’ve been born 4 or 5 decades earlier to see. -MythicForgeFTW

18. The winged hussars charge it was so impressive that a battle nearby stopped just to watch them charge. -nighthawk0954

19. The building of the Pyramids. -EssexEnglishman

20. Queen at live aid in 1985, from the footage you can tell it was an amazing event but to be there and experience it must have been something else. -Duldain92

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