20 Unconventional Wedding Photos That Won At The FdB Awards

1 “Let The Veil Fly High On The Mustang” Photo By Dami Saez (Spain)

2 “The Sky Is The Limit” Photo By Gabriel Monsalve (Spain)

3 “Dancing As If You Were Alone” Jesus Herranz (Spain)

4 “So Happy” Photo By Fran Ortiz (Granada) W.p.o.t.y. 2022

5 “Colours On The Street” Photo By Natali Agarcía (Spain)

6 “I See You” Photo By Simona Cancelli (Sicily)

7 “It’s Raining My Darling” Photo By Jordi Tudela (Barcelona)

8 “Butterflies In My Eyes” Photo By Pedro Alvarez (Spain)

9 “We Love Dancing With Sharks” Photo Bu Andreu Doz (Spain)


11 “The Taste Of Love” Photo By Isa Bazin (France)

12 “Wedding Smiles” Photo By Yuan Man (China)

13 “Let My Shoe” Photo By Fran Ortiz (Granada) W.p.o.t.y. 2022

14 “So Little, So Cute” Photo By Jose Ignacio Ruiz (Madrid)

15 “Let’s Make A Toast” Photo By Alberto Ramirez (Spain)

16 “Just You And Me” Photo By Serena Roscetti (Italy)

17 “Who Invited A Goat To My Wedding?” Photo By Mile Vidic (Canary Islands)

18 “It Is Snowing… But I Am With You” Photo By Marta Monés (Spain)

19 “Sweet, Sweet Love” Photo By Ismael Peña (Spain)

20 “Grandma And Her Little Boy” Photo By Barbara Fabbri (Italy)

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