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20 Unusual Sculptures Spotted In Public

This Sculpture Of A Sunken Giant. Guatemala City

#2 The Water Is Fine, Come On In

#3 This Statue In My Town Is Always Turned Back To You

#4 Lebanese Artist Uses Broken Glass And Rubble From Beirut Explosion To Create A Memorial

#5 Mermaid-Man Sculpture

#6 A Sculpture Called “Karma”

#7 This Building Had A Realistic Statue Of A Police Officer

#8 Officially The Creepiest Sand Sculpture At Revere Beach

#9 Adding To The Sculpture Trend. Vancouver, BC

#10 Realistic Sculpture Titled “The Traveler” In Orlando International Airport

#11 This Statue I Found While Visiting Italy

#12 This Weird-Looking Transformers Statue

#13 I Took This Pic Of A Hyper-Realistic Statue In NYC Today, It Was Freaking A Few People Out

#14 There’s A Giant Statue Of An Eyeball Across The Street From The Restaurant I’m At

#15 This Statue, With Realistic-Looking Eyes And Teeth, Nightmare Fuel

#16 Statues At A Bhuddist Temple In Japan

#17 Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel

#18 A Statue Hanging In The Cellar Of An Abandoned Castle

#19 The Most Australian Statue Ever

#20 Driftwood Statues By Nagato Iwasaki

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