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23 Weird Situations Hardly Anyone Can Explain

We couldn’t come up with explanations for these bizarre situations. Now it’s your turn to give it a try!

This parrot is working on its muscles too.

“Anybody want some turkey?”

Gotta protect what you value the most.

When there’s no seating inside the car:

Making the subway feel like home

It’s “take your pet to work” day!

It’s almost too easy…

You can never feel too safe.

Trying to squeeze as many things as possible into your schedule

It must be a piece of cake to park this monster.

When you’ve got no headphones on hand:

You’re confused too, right?

That feeling of pure safety

How else do you cut a cake?

Sunbathing like a king

At least he’s not bothering anybody.

It’s like sitting on the couch in your own home…

Who said you can’t nap between subway stops?

Combining lunch and exercise

You will feel like Catwoman walking over this bridge.

When there are no available seats on the subway:

“Never felt more comfortable.”

When this is the closest thing you have to a lake:

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