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24 Disney Princesses Reimagined In Realistic Settings

Disney movies always show princesses looking their best – ironed clothes, pristine hairstyles, perfect makeup and all that. Tired of all this perfection, Indonesian artist Andhika Muksin decided to reimagine the princesses in more realistic settings and the results are absolutely hilarious.

Even princesses have their share of regular girl moments and this artist illustrates just that. Morning hair, runny makeup and lots and lots of bad angles – see the Disney princesses reimagined in realistic settings in the gallery below!

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Beauty And The Bad Angle


Hop On A Magic Carpet They Said. It’s Easy They Said

When You Just Woke Up From The Dead. Literally

When You Finally Catch The Man Of Your Dreams…

Snoop White

Verified Colors Of The (Whirl)wind

Morning Wake Up Call By Birds: Reality vs. Expectation

Doggo Love

Verified “You Think You’re Gonna Throw A Party And Not Invite Me!?”

When You Order Magic Mirror Online And Got A Funhouse Mirror Instead

When You Enjoy Being Someone Else’s Guest A Bit Too Much…

Land Sick

When Bae Wants To Show You #awholenewworld But All You Want To Do Is To Take A Long Nap

Verified Disney Princess 101: Always Conceal Your Crying Face

Verified Poor, Unfortunate Angle.

No Worries Belle, Bae Will Wake Up In 5…4…3…2…

The Things You Do For


Verified Squished In Wonderland

Singing Through A Tiny Hole Underwater: Reality vs. Expectation


Breaking Beauty

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