24 People Whose Habits Drive Us Crazy

“If you do this, especially with people sitting in front of you, you are absolutely terrible.”

Maybe leggings should be banned?

“Server came and took his plate… while he was still eating.”

“One socket will do just fine…”

“My girlfriend complains that I always want to buy the same shoes, meanwhile…”

This door opens directly off a cliff.

This woman, taking 2 seats without even using either of them.

It must have taken him a long time to prepare this speech.

“The house across the road from me shut their window with the curtain sticking out.”

This guy that took up 4 parking spaces

“Most terrifying bathroom experience I’ve ever had”

This guy on the plane

“My coworker leaves the spoon like this every time she uses it.”

“How my roommate has been using the aluminum foil for the last week…”

“My wife bought the wrong size screen protector weeks ago and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Me on the other hand…”

Don’t be like her.

“My fish burger. I really want to talk to the chef.”

“I just noticed that neither the mirror, nor the lighting fixture are centered with the sink faucet in this hotel room.”

People who open packages incorrectly

“My office put out muffins and someone committed a selfish crime.”

When people do this… Why?

When people leave items in the wrong aisle:

“My mom eats fries, but not the tips…”

“Passed by this massacre on my way into Walmart. Somebody had a terrible time putting their groceries in the car.”

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