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24 Times Online Shopping Didn’t Exactly Turn Out As Expected

Are you one of those people who find online shopping therapeutic? There is just something so appealing about enjoying a shopping session without the hassle of queues and crowds at the store. Just a few clicks, check out, and your purchase will be delivered right at your doorstep. So much hassle is averted. Except, of course, if what arrives isn’t quite what you ordered. The size isn’t how it was pictured, clothes don’t fit, or worse, the item you get is totally not what you ordered. Those are exactly what these poor people went through, and even if we feel a bit sorry for them, it’s just hilarious.

1. He ordered 20 chairs off an online auction but didn’t realize they were from an elementary school

2. The hiking boots he ordered weren’t quite what he expected…

3. Bought the shirt online and there’s clearly something wrong with this picture…

4. He ordered tights to wear on Halloween but got the wrong size…

5. When you buy a TV from a shady website:

6. Should probably double check the dimensions, though:

7. When you order a customized family portrait and got Photoshopped beyond recognition…

8. Ordered an M balloon and it came as a surprise…

9. The black sweatpants they ordered turned out much too colorful..

10. He ordered a 1/2-Inch Solenoid Valve off Amazon but got a new furry friend instead

11. When the fur coat doesn’t look quite right…

12. Jordan’s buttcrack looking fine

13. Oops! He didn’t quite notice that part…

14. Ordered a lamp… probably should have checked the size though

15. He ordered an XL… and probably got the kid size.

16. Knock-off sharpie:

17. When reality doesn’t meet expectations:

18. How Pooh would look like in a horror movie/h3>

19. She ordered a jacket but got something that wasn’t even in the shop’s inventory

20. Amazon sent a cotton candy machine instead of the fryer he ordered

21. They sent blank nametags, literally.

22. Malnourished Christmas tree.

23. He ordered an Xbox but received a pistol instead

24. This Apple watch doesn’t look right…

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