25 Instances Where an Online Group Uncovered the Truth of Instagram Pictures

In today’s world of social media, with its plethora of filters and editing tools, the chase for that ideal Instagram photo often results in both humorous and awkward situations. The Reddit community, “Instagram Reality,” specializes in revealing the often stark difference between polished Instagram images and the less glamorous truth that lies behind them.

A notable trend that this group has highlighted involves individuals trying to mask the signs of aging. In this piece, we’re going to explore some amusing cases where people’s attempts to appear ageless fell flat, as pointed out by the observant members of this online group. Take a look at some of their discoveries below.

I Forgot What She Really Looked Like

Croatian Singer. Yes This Is The Same Perosn

She’s 58…

Lady On Facebook Insists That There’s No Editing, And Any Comments Saying Otherwise Are Blocked

I’m Sensing A Filter

Claims It’s All Makeup And Expensive Wigs

Same Person – Instagram & Screenshot On Television

I Cannot Believe She Seriously Posted This

No Eyes Are The Same, I Guess

Someone Needs To Come Take Their Moms Phone (In The Comments She Swears She Didn’t Edit)

Came Across This Gem Looking At Dress Reviews

It’s A Helluva Drug

This Person Is Running For Mayor Where I Live. Yikes

She’s 50 Years Old And Photoshops Herself To Look Like She’s In Her Late 20s. Women, There Is Nothing Wrong With Looking Your Age. You’re Not Expected To Look Like A 20 Year Old Forever

Instagram vs. Reality…TV

Big Difference Between The Photos Of Her At The Event And The One On Her Instagram

I Saw This And Thought Y’all Would Like It Of One Of Our Faves

Same Picture Posted By Each Sibling On Their Account

Maybe Just One More Filter

Posted vs. Tagged Videos

Found This One! — He Claims To Be 31 Years Old, Flashes Fake Watches And Cars He Doesn’t Own

These Two Are Supposed To Be The Same Person

Facetuning Skills On Point

A Fairly Popular Local Influencer Recently Made An Appearance On TV. A Lot Of Her Fans Apparently Had Trouble Recognizing Her At First

Her Official Press Photos vs. Interview

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