25 People Who Can Stay Ice-Cool in Any Situation

We all need to maintain composure from time to time. If you’ve experienced these moments where you just can’t control your feelings, you should know that in this world, there are people who are so calm that they’ve probably exhausted the composure reserves of the whole Universe. This is why it seems like you never have enough of patience. Just have a look at the guy who’s having lunch while watching a fire. Amazing composure!

“This is the principal at my kids’ school. Dressed as a T-rex. I can’t imagine the bet he lost for this to happen.”

When everyone’s taking part in a “Nothing’s going on here…” challenge:

Nothing can make you miss lunch, not even a storm.

The best anti-depressants ever

Barely hanging on…

Is he the driver of this bus that’s on fire?

This man is using a driver’s license that he drew himself on a sheet of paper.

To make an incredible impression at the airport, print your own boarding pass next time.

They say lettuce can cure a headache. We’ll see.

Cleaning the cobra pit

“My wife wanted blinds put up in the bathroom.”

“I went to my girlfriend’s house and saw her new boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her, so I took the fridge.”

When I leave my husband in charge of dinner:

This kid received permission from the teacher to eat fruit during class.

How did he bump into Thor?

The bike equivalent of taking up multiple car parking spaces:

“I don’t know who looks cooler: the person or the cat?”

“My high school teacher put himself on the cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life.”

“Hi. Yeah, I’m at a baseball game.”

In case dogs aren’t allowed to walk in.

Don’t forget that you might being photographed!

“Spend $500 fixing that scrape? Nope, I have a better idea…”

This guy decided he didn’t want to pay a fine, so he just changed the wheel.

Who said a local fast food restaurant was a bad place to celebrate an anniversary?

“I want to ignore everyone like this guy’s ignoring Arya Stark.”

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