26 Entitled Relatives Whose Actions And Behavior Greatly Upset The People Around Them

1. My Brother Was Mad Because I Wouldn’t Let Him Have Anymore Candy, After He’d Had Almost A Whole Bag. This Is What He Did. This Is My 1,000 Dollar iPad.

2. My Brother Paused 2 Of My Downloads To Install Fortnite.

3. My Brother Always Makes My Poor Mom Clean His bathroom After Him.

4. There Was No Warning, She Didn’t Ask. She Took Money To Go On Vacation.

5. I Hadn’t Been Able To Locate My Pokémon Cards For 15+ Years Which Had Over 10 Pages Of Rare/Holographic Cards. (Which I Spent Many Years Collecting As A Kid.) I found out today that my older brother sold literally every single rare/holo/valuable card I owned as soon as I left for college.

9. My Brother Taking My Bluetooth Headset Without Permission And Returning It Like This.

12. When Asked If He Could Bring The Console To Our Dad’s House, Mom Gave My Little Brother A Definitive No. After They Left, I Walked Back To My Room And Found It Missing.

13. When Your Unemployed Brother Finds Your 6 Year Old (Broken) iPhone To Give His Daughter As Her Main Christmas Gift, And Then Finds Out It’s Broken… It Turns Into Your Fault, Naturally.

22. My Brother Did This Be Cause I Didn’t Let Him Play For Another Hour After His Turn.

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