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26 Photos Proving That All Cats Are Jerks to Some Degree

1. Mom, he’s doing it again.

2. Just stay still you big fluffy cushion.

3. Something went wrong with my computer.

4. I just want to make sure that your food will smell nice.

5. Dude, your stuff was in our way.

6. Is he brave or stupid? We’re not sure.

7. Secret ingredient

8. There’s no bed more comfortable than a stolen dog bed…

9. You bring the fish — we’ll bring the bread.

10. When you are an eagle on the inside.

11. We needed a cat door, so we made one. No need to thank us.

12. You’re home early today hooman.

13. I finally caught her in the act.

14. New meaning to the phrase “no concept of money”

15. Being a jerk is what I do best.

16. I walked away for one second…

17. All cats are made out of liquid.

18. I finally caught this fluffy jerk.

19. I was trying to take a selfie with my cat.

20. The definition of a bad morning:

21. “Do you see him?” “Nope, he’s gone.”

22. You are funny, hooman. You really think that you can get rid of my hair on your clothes.

23. I hope you’re comfy in there.

24. Oh, thanks for the unplanned shopping trip I now need to take.

25. He has a perfectly clean water bowl next to his bed.

26. The size of the cat doesn’t matter, they all love boxes.

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