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29 Historical Pictures That Are Rarely Seen

This article showcases a collection of 29 historical pictures that are not commonly seen or widely circulated. These images provide a unique glimpse into the past, offering a fresh perspective on familiar events and individuals.

History enthusiasts and photography buffs alike will appreciate the rare and captivating nature of these pictures.

1. A Kitty Basking In The Beard Of Louis Coulon, A French Metallurgist, Taken In 1890

2. Rare Picture Of A Black Female Union Soldier 1862

3. This Photograph Shows A Young Mother, Exhausted From Spending Hours Making Matchboxes, A Pile Of Which Can Be Seen On The Table

4. A Woman Dressed Up As Batgirl In 1904, 35 Years Before The Creation Of Batman In 1939, And 57 Years Before The Creation Of Batgirl In 1961

5. Two Ladies Making A Snow Lady. This Photo Was Originally Printed In Strand Magazine, Volume III 1892

6. Portrait Of Ah-Weh-Eyu (Pretty Flower), Of The Seneca Nation, 1908. Photo By J.l. Blessing

7. Portrait Of Hattie Tom, An Apache Native American, 1899

8. Unidentified African-American Family Prairie Settlers From The 1880s

9. A Young Victorian Lady Photographing A Mirror Selfie. Circa 1900

10. Amelia Van Buren With Friend Photographed By Thomas Eakins, Late 1880s, Metropolitan Museum Of Art: Photography

11. A Female Mason Perched High Above Berlin (C. 1910)

12. Rather Creepy Victorian Humpty Dumpty Adaptation From Alice Through The Looking Glass Circa 1873

13. Autremagazine 1890s, An Inuit Man Warms His Wife’s Feet. Greenland

14. Portrait Of Victorian Bird-Man In Norway, Robert Collett (1842-1913) Taken C. 1910

15. Female Japanese School Students, They Were Wearing Edo Period Uniforms Consisting Of A ‘Hakama’ (Skirts Worn Over A Short-Sleeved ‘Furisode Kimono’, In The Tokyo Prefecture, Meiji Era, Imperial Japan, C. Early 1910s

16. Unknown Victorian Lady Pulling A Face For The Camera

17. Vintage “Selfie” Photo Set With Unknown Female Couple Either As Lovers Or Possibly Sisters ( Due To Likeness) Circa 1900

18. A Couple Of Victorian Travellers Looking Rather Dandy Taken Around 1890s

19. Portrait Of Actresses Maude Adams And Ethel Barrymore, Taken In New York, Circa 1897

20. “A Fine Day In London” Photographed By Hector Colard C.1898

21. Unknown Victorian Woman In A More Unusual Pose At The Time, Having A Good Ol’ Chuckle

22. Street Vendor Selling Mummies In Egypt, 1875

23. ‘Blackbirds’, A Group Of Men And Women Sitting In A Fallen Tree. Photograph By Louis Milton Thiers C1910

24. Mother And Daughter Watch A Tall Ship Navigate The Thames Assisted By A Steam Tug, London, Ca. 1880 – Sunderland Antiquarian Society

25. Having A Tooth Taken Out At The Dentist In The UK In The 1870s

26. Portrait Of A Cat Entitled “Pussy” Photographed By Edward And Henry T. Anthony & Co. Circa 1869-1875

27. Portrait Of Another Victorian Batwoman, Shown As Marie Schleinzer, Taken At Adele Kuk Hof-Atelier, Vienna Circa 1890

28. Alice Doherty – The Minnesota Woolly Girl – Poses With Her Family In A Typically Dour Victorian Photograph Circa Early 1900s

29. A Victorian Lass With Rather Long Hair In A Fashionable Pic C1890s

30. Young English Victorian Lady Posing With Her Pet Cat C1890s

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