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30 Amusing Screenshots That Prove That Scottish People Know How To Have A Good Laugh

1 What Is That?

2 Yee Haa

3 Technically Correct

4 Can’t Beat A Fathers Jokes

5 Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

6 Technically The Truth

7 He Isnae A Dug, Moira

8 The Longest Running Prank Ever

9 Invisibility Cloak!

10 Wee Moon

11 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

12 Train Rides

13 He Was Running Out Of Patience

14 Wooo!

15 I Want This To Be Real

16 Breaking News

17 Smoking A Malboro Red While Wearing A Knights Helmet? Nae Bor Mate

18 Very, Very Sorry

19 Mosh Pit

20 That’s The Story

21 Bruce Mate Come On

22 A Conversation With My Scottish Friend

23 Bacchialdi’s

24 Anyone Lost A Hat?

25 Natural Order Restored In Glasgow

26 Just To Help Yous Oot A Wee Bit

27 Scottish People Gpt

28 As A Glaswegian, Even I Was Surprised By The Scale Of Braehead Shopping Centre

29 L For Effort!

30 Mulhern Not Having A Good Time Of It In The Comments

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