30 Amusing Texts From Grandparents

If you’ve grandparents who know how to text you’re sure to have lots of stories for family parties. Because grandparents with both sass and a phone can be seriously hilarious.

In this post we have listed up some of the most hilarious messages ever sent by grandparents.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

Grandpa knows how to make them responsive…

Grandpa got no worries

Grandpa goes savage af.

Grandma the booty smasher

No one is a better user of slang than grandpa.

He making sure that he counts…

Grandpa’s honesty is appreciable.

Grandpa’s doesn’t understand the difference between social media and text messages

you see grandpa’s dwag!!

Grandma is a better emoji user !!

He will make sure things go straight !!!!

Nana testings his new phone.

This reminds of teenage love!!

Grandma exactly knows how to wish !

Grandma is really into Jewish girls…

That finger is the motivation.

Grandma knows a lot about pop culture.

Love the grandma’s swag.

Grandma got some serious photography skills but out of likes….

Selfie lesson #01

Texted Me.

That’s how you take an inverted selfie.

Grandma: you have my thanks that’s enough!!

And that one last lie never goes off !

Granny wont cheat on grandpa that’s or sure.

Grandma’s fried chicks are ready !

Grandma ready to kill the auto correct inventor.

Grandpa got no chill!!

What else “Gf” stands for?

Grandpa knows how to score some bitches even at 75!

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