30 Bathrooms From Hell Made By People Who Probably Haven’t Used One

Taking some “me time” on the toilet should be a peaceful experience, and usually, it is, in the comfort of your own home, but what happens when you have to use a public restroom? Even the most bathroom shy of people has been caught in that terrifying moment of panic where you have to frantically search for a restroom and pray that you don’t find anything too horrific inside.

Our Airbnb Had A Translucent Bathroom Door. I’m Used To My Impatient Toddler Stalking Me Through The Bathroom Door, But This Took It To A Much Creepier Level

My Friend Sent Me This Picture. He Called It The Most Judgmental Bathroom

As If Public Toilets Didn’t Give Me Enough Anxiety

“We Need To Decorate The Toilet For The Disabled.” “Say No More”

Taking “Porcelain Throne” To The Extreme

Sink Attached To The Toilet, Forming A Perfect Slide

Toilet In The Meeting Room

When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

The Paint In This Public Restroom

This Bathroom Is Making Me Want To Try Unrealistic Challenges

This Bathroom Has A Guitar Urinal That Replays Tunes You Play For Everyone In The Restroom

Rule #1 In Designing A Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom…

Bathroom Stall In A D.C. Bathroom


This Men’s Bathroom

Not Exactly The Color Pattern You Like To See In A Bathroom

What Is This?! A Sink For Ants?!

Another Guy And I Both Walked In The Bathroom At The Same Time. After Seeing This, He Said “This Isn’t Going To Happen” And He Walked Out

All Toilets Must Be Centered In The Middle Of The Classroom So Kids Eating Their Snacks Three Feet Away Can Bare Witness To Their Classmates Defecating

The Sink In My Hotel Was A Bit… Complicated

This Bathroom Window

Thinking Of Becoming A Mum?

My Arms Are About 7 Feet Long, So This Wasn’t An Issue For Me

This Bathroom In My Local Cinema. Peek-A-Poo

Just What You Want To See In The Bathroom Of An Ice Cream Shop

Just What You Want To See In The Bathroom Of An Ice Cream Shop

Hotel Henri IV. Mosaic Art In The Bathroom

My New Apartment’s Toilet Is So Narrow That Even My Skinny Ass Doesn’t Fit In It

This Waiting Area For The Toilet

Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

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