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30 Belgian Houses That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Ugly Belgian Houses is a blog run by Hannes Coudenys, that’s dedicated to showing the world how ugly Belgian architecture can sometimes be. “Because most Belgian houses suck. Even mine,” jokes the author of the page. He even released some of the best ones in coffee book form!

From homes built inside rocks to suggestively-shaped mailboxes, these houses are so bad, they’re kinda good. Check out them out in the gallery below!

We can’t be the only ones who see a cat here, right?

Why does this house look like it’s being bullied?

Did they just found a giant rock and decided to build a house inside? Or did they have the rock delivered?

Even the house itself looks confused by how ugly it is.

Congratulations to the architect for designing a house that looks like a video game glitch.

This house is clearly plotting something – just look at it, you know it’s up to no good.

This one looks like it could double as a grain silo.

“Make sure the new building matches the surroundings”

“Uhh, yeah, whatever you say.”

Looks like someone built the roof and forgot to build the rest of the house.

This house looks like it’s trying to absorb itself, probably to escape such an ugly existence.

We didn’t know Belgium had a Disneyland – or at least a budget version of it.

We guess they didn’t write “this side up” on the building plan

Must be a slow connection.

That’s a nice tower you got there.

Looks like someone tried building a church but gave up and decided it’s going to be a house.

Say, that’s quite an interesting mailbox you got there.

Really strong Egyptian vibes in this one.

Rumors say they wanted to film The Lord of the Rings here but the owner did not give permission.

Did someone build half of the house and just decided not to bother with the other half?

This one looks like something you’d build from leftover Lego parts.

Another perfect candidate for any other upcoming Lord of the Rings movies.

Looks like a game of Tetris – just add an L shape on the top and you’re golden.

Aww, did you two have a fight?

This may or may not have been David Bowie’s Belgian residence.


Someone was clearly inspired by Gaudi.

When you and your neighbor have an argument deciding how the facade would look like.

At this point, we’re kind of surprised the door and roof aren’t made of bricks too.

Looks like one of those long pieces in Tetris.

Hey, that’s a nice house, it would be a shame if someone cut half of it and replaced it with a generic block of flats.

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