30 Cats With the Craziest Fur Markings You’d Almost Think Were Photoshopped

Cats can really make a statement with the way they look. Even cats you think you know can surprise you. Solid-color cats can actually develop marks when they grow up. Whether or not they always have them, cats can sometimes come with markings you just have to see to believe.

1. Release the bat signal!

2. Animals find many ways to say “I love you.”

3. If they ever remake Harry Potter with an all-feline cast, here’s your star…

4. A goofy smile just lightens everyone’s mood.

5. Within every cat beats the heart of a warrior…

6. Who says there’s no such thing as dragons?

7. The raccoons are starting to suspect there’s a spy among them.

8. If his tail is straight, it’s an exclamation point. When he bends it, it’s a lowercase “j.”

9. We’re number one! He’s number one…

10. Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

11. Is it weird that his second pair of eyes look more like cat eyes than his other eyes?

12. With this sword at his side, this is the cat who should be king.

13. Cats love teaching the world about the continents.

14. The only thing classier than a mustache, is a mustache with a cute, little goatee.

15. Time to flex those pecs!

16. Clearly, the best way to teach kids about shapes is to get a cat.

17. Charlie Chaplin is going to make a comeback.

18. To think that most girls need eyeliner and mascara to look this good.

19. Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for a cookie?

20. This is not a sleeping panda, it’s a cat’s butt.

21. If Zorro ever needs a new sidekick, we’ve probably found one.

22. Here’s a cute, little Christmas tree you won’t have to decorate.

23. Whether you see “LOL” or “101,” cats have sure come a long way in the art of communication.

24. The dinosaurs aren’t all gone, some are just hiding…

25. You can make every day a black tie event with this cat.

26. Felines are just classier than the rest of us.

27. Here’s a little kitten with another little kitten, right in the middle of his face…

28. Batcat is not the hero we asked for, but he is the hero we need.

29. The only time a soul patch works is when it’s on a cat.

30. Who doesn’t want 2 cats for the price of one?

Bonus: Eyebrow cat has such a wide array of emotions.

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