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30 Comics By Skeleton Claw That Are Full Of Hilarious Twists

Thanks to the almighty internet, we no longer have to wait for the Sunday paper to read some hilarious comics. Just click a few buttons and voilà! – you’re browsing comics online and the next three hours of your life are gone. And today we got you some cheeky comics full of hilarious twists by comic artist Andy AKA Skeleton Claw.

The artist says he wanted to be an artist since he was very young. When he started school, drawing became a way to escape from endless boredom. “When I was in college, I dabbled with the idea of becoming an Artist (with a capital ‘A’) but decided that it didn’t feel like a genuine way to express myself,” added Andy. “A few years ago I stumbled on accident onto the idea of drawing comics, and something just kind of clicked.”

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