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30 Facepalm Moments That Could Wreck Anyone’s Entire Day

Have you had moments where nothing around you seems to work properly and you start breaking stuff by accident? We think most of us have experienced this and it’s a little bit distressing. However, when it’s not happening to us and it’s happening to someone else, it becomes quite funny!

1. This is definitely NOT something that you’d want to walk into.

2. This person who drove their car through a telephone pole

3. The driver who turned onto a frozen lake

4. This person who left their sunroof open during a snowstorm

5. This drunk person who took a long Uber ride just to go across the street

6. This person who still hasn’t figured out the purpose of a hat

7. This person who just wanted to get their lunch

8. This person who buried the wrong cat

9. This person who becomes a tornado when they cook drunk

10. Well, this is concerning.

11. This girl who just wanted to cook for her boyfriend

12. This person who had their security camera stolen out of its packaging

13. This truck driver who will have to put all the garbage back into the truck again

14. This washing machine criminal

15. This person who has been walking around with a toilet tail

16. This person who hasn’t figured out how to work an umbrella

17. This person who put their shoes in the fridge for some reason

18. This person who lost a Jenga game in a painful way

19. This parent who hasn’t figured out how to fill out their son’s talent form

20. This person who accidentally baked the chopping board

21. This driver who hasn’t discovered sunglasses yet

22. This person who doesn’t know how to use a pressure cooker

23. The irony of the caption, “we fit”

24. This person who did not think their job through

25. This person who should’ve had their tattoo spell-checked

26. This person who got a croissant with a giant hole in it

27. The heat from the PS4 broke the glass stand.

28. This person who left their phone on the roof of their car

29. The state of this toothpaste

30. Well, that’s unlucky!

31. Isn’t it so annoying when people bump into you?

32. This is what a bad day at work looks like:

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