30 Funny Close Enough Photos and Memes

Are you having a lazy weekend and getting bored? Do you want some mindless entertainment to make you laugh out loud? Well, you are in luck, folks! Because listed below photos will definitely make you go ROFL.

In this post, we have listed up a side by side comparison of the photos and memes posted by such funny people. The trolls have nailed in replicating their targets close enough! Scroll on and enjoy the hilarious collection peeps.

Creativity at it’s peak.

And one day, he too became a statue.

Lemme grab a glass of meow.

Equally impressive?

Client Expectation vs Client Budget… Close Enough!

The pictures you post vs the pictures of you your friend post.

True love.

When you wanna cosplay but don’t have any money.

When you lie on your resume but you still get the job

Hairstylist: What do you want. Client: A tree.

Your profile picture vs how you really look.

What really happened vs What you tell people

Someone got ripped off.

It actually happened.

When you think yoga is easy.

I don’t know but this made me yawn.

You and the guy you like.

When you think you can make art.

Even evolution couldn’t fix that.

Through the…

I guess I didn’t really equate for the mattress.

When you’re really funny but evil too.

How’d you make the dog do that.


Hold my drink.

Yep, that’s permanent.

How I feel vs how I look.

Get someone who can tie your tie like that.

In the morning vs after getting a little teary eyed.

Kitty Croissant.

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