30 Hilarious Moments of English Spelling or Grammar Fails That Found Their Way to This Online Community

Prepare to chuckle, chortle, or straight-up guffaw as you scroll through these 30 humorous misadventures in the realm of English spellings and grammar! This online group has become the hall of fame for linguistic blunders, showcasing the whimsical side of language learning. Each entry is a testament to the fact that even in errors, there’s a hearty dose of humor waiting to be discovered. So come on down, the spelling-bee rejects are about to become your new heroes!

Michael Wave

Somewhere In India

It Does Have A Pin With A Ring And A Lever Tho

My Favorite…

Those Are Good Reasons

Womem Just Are Never Allowed

Can’t Believe Nobody Checked This

It’s Been A While Since I’ve Had A Costume On While Watching Netflix

Did The Devil Make This Sign?

Hey! Health Department!

Speaking In Tongues?

No Rocket-Launching Billionaires Allowed

Please Flash Toilet

Cleaning Instructions On My Weighted Blanket


I Was Told This Belongs Here?

Buy A Man

Good Ol Crappaccino

Are They Subtly Advertising Body Disposal Here?

Spotted At Mcdonalds, Closed On The 111th Of December, Have A God Night

Do Not Any Of The Above

Someone Needs To Be Panished

Never Been Where’d

Be Aware

So Many To Give A Title, But My Favourite Is “You Live Baby With Ham”. Enjoy This List

Pick Your Poison

I’d Know McDonald’s Has A Menu For Man-Eater

Tic Tacs Disable Me

Good Luck


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