30 pets experiencing new things for the first time

My new kitten’s first encounter with the big ball of flame in the sky

The first time my little guy got groomed

Peat experienced catnip for the very first time and was transformed into the stoner meme guy for 20 minutes.

Puppy’s first time at the beach and he couldn’t stop smiling

First time my dog saw me in the bathtub she was so worried she had to call for backup.

He saw me wearing hat for the first time

Rhodie’s first time seeing snow!

Oliver is unsure of what to do with his first time under the tree

First time being carried after being rescued.

Nimbus met our dog for the first time. This is her being intimidating

First night home after being adopted

We adopted this cute boy and for the past couple weeks he has been SUPER shy. Today for the first time he plopped in my lap an did this 😭.

The first time my kitten (Daisy) watches our Christmas tree light up.

Timber got to ride in the front seat of my truck for the first time. When asked if he liked the AC, this was his reply

He heard me sneeze for the first time

First Leaf Pile

Claras first trip into the backyard, I think she liked it!

I also took my dog on his first boat ride

Hildegard’s first snow experience is going well!

Pup just met his first box turtle, That’s adorable.

Their first taste of peach. My fingers were NOT safe.

When mom and dad take you to the dog park for the first time

The way my cat looked at my new boyfriend when she first met him 😂

Here is a photo of my Labrador when he saw a tennis ball

My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights & he instantly regretted it 😂

Rescue lizards first experience of the outside world, look at that face 😊

Today is my kitten’s first birthday. My mum got this painting of him made and he was very surprised

Gary was pretty excited about reaching his first ever summit!

Bear’s first time in the mountains, and needless to say he’s in heaven.

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