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30 Realistic 3D Tattoos Only the Bravest Would Dare to Get

3D drawings can hardly surprise anyone these days. But have you ever heard of 3D tattoos?! These things look truly amazing! Only top-notch professionals can create tattoos of flowers, abstract objects, and even ordinary camping tents that look absolutely real. Today, we present you with a collection of such masterpieces!

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Who knew that you would find me, when i was lost and broken,cold and shattered through the brokenness you saw me not for my blue eyes that you say look as deep as the ocean, or for my soft skin that you caress with your finger tips you see past all that, no…. you see me as i truly am who would have thought that the moment you saw me you knew you needed me and i needed you you saw me curled up in the shadows trying to drown out the pain and the sorrow from all who have hurt me you were cautious with me knowing i was weak and delicate from the pain that was over whelming me yet you held out your hand trying to show me kindness trying not to frighten me and yes i was afraid to trust to have my heart ripped out of my chest once again but something told me you had no evil intention not like others, you were different… who would have known that my wings would once again take flight? that the darkness that was once part of me was now gone and filled with your light but you taught me that the past was good because that's were you truly know pain and happiness for now you see me as i truly am. ╳ Destruction Effect VIII 🔥✨ Appointments: Link in Bio Done in: @aureoroma

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