30 Things People Think Are Illegal But Aren’t

Down below are a few dozen things that you’d think would almost certainly be illegal but, in reality, are legally-permissible activities. That said, our obligatory disclaimer is that we aren’t lawyers or experts on the law-code in whatever jurisdiction you happen to reside in.

1. Disclosing Wages And Salaries To Coworkers

2. Police Officers Lying About Their Identity

3. Refusing Service To Customers

4. Counting Cards At A Casino Black Jack Table

5. Trespassing In The UK

6. Turning Left On A Red Light If It’s A One-Way Street

7. Firing Employees Over Their Opinions Based On Free Speech

8. Driving While The Interior Light Is On

9. Piracy: Downloading, But Not Distributing

10. Escaping Prison

11. Being Shirtless Regardless Of Gender In Canada

12. Explicitly Exposing One’s Own Middle Hand Finger To Law Enforcement

13. Bringing Personal Snacks To Cinemas

14. Tax Avoidance (Note: Not Tax Evasion)

15. Driving Barefoot

16. Dual Citizenship

17. Child Marriage

18. It’s Not Carpooling If Everyone’s Related

19. Giving Alcohol To A Minor In A Private Residence In The UK

20. Recording People In Public Areas

21. Jaywalking

22. Restrictions On Flamethrowers

23. Absinthe

24. Machine Gun Ownership In The US

25. Not Submitting A Two Weeks’ Notice To Employers

26. Not Having Picture ID

27. Trading And Using Copies Of MS Windows

28. Catfishing Online

29. Detagging Mattresses

30. Passing A School Bus On A 4-Lane Road (Ohio State)

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