30 Times Nature Did a Remarkable Job and We Can’t Believe It’s Real

Living our everyday lives, sometimes it can feel like the same old, same old, and it’s easy to forget that this world holds some of the most fantastical things known to mankind. Sometimes you need to be reminded that you definitely haven’t seen it all, and no matter how long you’ve lived on planet Earth, there will always be some sort of natural phenomena which will one day take you by surprise.

“An aerial image of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park”

“Skiing in Japan can feel otherworldly.”

This river is so hot it’s literally boiling and emitting steam!

These Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand look like magic brought to life.

“The real show for the ocean lava entry started after sunset. For a magical 10 minutes, the glow from the lava balanced perfectly with the dwindling twilight.”

Siberia had a very bizarre black snow storm… and the results will make you do a doubletake.

“A lake above the sea in Sørvágsvatn, Faroe Islands”

“The world turns pink during a sunset amongst snow clad trees at Riisitunturi National Park in Finland.”

“The geologically vibrant Quebrada de Humahuaca is located in Jujuy, Argentina. This place feels like a painted landscape.”

“A frost storm colored the trees white in Bavaria, Germany.”

“I went for a walk in the forest and happened upon this ponderosa pine tree that had been struck by lightning near Flagstaff, Arizona.”

This aerial view of South-West Mauritius unveils what looks like an underwater waterfall.

“It looks like the Milky Way is coming out of an erupting volcano in Guatemala.”

“I captured Poseidon’s Trident rising out of the Strokkur Geyser in Iceland.”

A Pacific storm from 37,000 feet above the ocean

“This was taken a few nights ago in southeast Iceland facing a massive glacier lit by the northern lights.”

A stingray migration caught on camera is a spectacular sight indeed.

One morning, on the way to the designated area for our Whale Shark search, I spotted a very large school of Cownose Rays (or Golden Rays) in migration from Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. I believe there were thousands of them and it was truly an unexpected, unique and spectacular experience.

Spotted Lake in British Columbia looks like a mosaic, but it’s just nature being spectacular!

“The Finnish Lapland, where weather can include sub-freezing temperatures and intense snow.”

It’s a small but stunning spectacle of a natural ocean bonsai.

A clear, starry night in Norway

“This rock formation was caused by a lifetime of waves crashing against it.”

You can’t even see where the reflection of the water starts here.

These Wisteria trees in Japan are the most wonderful color. Imagine seeing these in person!

“A view of the eclipse from an airplane”

“The world’s deepest sinkhole in China is a heavenly pit.”

The sulfur in this area makes for a unique volcanic fire which is simply sensational.

Which natural phenomenon made your jaw drop? Let us know and show us if you’ve seen anything in this world—that’s out of this world and should also be on this list.

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