30 Times People Tried Installing Wheelchair Ramps But Failed Miserably

People online are sharing the most ridiculous accessibility designs they have come across and some of them are so carelessly designed, they’re almost insulting. From ramps that end with steps to ones that are as steep as rollercoasters, check out the worst cases of architects not caring about handicap access in the gallery below!

If You Aren’t Already In A Wheelchair, You Will Be After This

To Invite A Disabled Man To Talk About Accessibility..

Extreme Wheelchairing!

Being Handicapped In Cabo San Lucas Is Apparently An Extreme Sport. (Fb Friend’s Vacation Pic)

This Crosswalk For The Handicapped

Epic Fail When It Comes To Accessibility

Accessibility Fail

Accessibility Fail

How Is This Supposed To Work??

Accessibility Fail

Because F**k You For Being In A Wheelchair

The Portuguese Parliament Had To Become Handicap Accessible Due To Having One Deputy On A Wheelchair. This Is The Result

Hospital Which I Work Has These Wheelchairs For The Patients

Accessibility Fail

For Those Who Feel They Aren’t Quite Handicapped Enough…

Accessibility Fail

This Handicap Ramp

Extreme Wheelchairing

For Disabled People On Stilts

Wheelchair Friendly

This Wheelchair Ramp

“Wheelchair Access” For The Brave

Design Fail

Access For Disabled Wheelchair Users

Accessibility Fail

Accessibility Fail

Hats Off To The Genius Who Installed This Disabled Access Ramp

It’s Just Up The Stairs

At Least Wheelchairs Can Reach The First Stair

Oh Yeah, You Could Get A Wheelchair In There No Problem

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