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30+ Times Pizza Places Absolutely Nailed Drawing Requests

Creative pizza places not only have the tastiest menus, they know how to put a smile on your face even before you take your first bite. Say you fill the “special instructions” box on your ordering app with a request for a joke in the box. Do you really think they will miss the opportunity to display their sass?

For Months I’ve Asked For Someone To Draw A Kitty On My Pizza Box. Today, I Finally Got It. I Am Definitely Amused

Maybe I Should Call Pizza Hut And Get Them Fired…

Ordered A Pizza And Asked Them To Draw A Giraffe. They Nailed It

Buddy Of Mine Asked The Pizza Place For A Joke In The Box. This Is What He Got

When You Put “Send Nudes” In The Pizza Hut Delivery Instructions…

They Listened, They Finally Listened…

“Please Draw A Cute Heart On The Pizza Box”

“Write A Joke On The Inside Of The Pizza Box”

Before I Left Work, Customer Made An Order Asking For A “Panda Riding A Giraffe While Holding A Red Solo Cup On The Box”

A Guy Asked Us To Write On His Pizza Box “Something To Cheer Up My Girlfriend.” Wonder How That Went?

My Roommate Asked The Pizza Delivery Gal To “Write Something Funny”

Asked For A Joke Inside My Pizza Box. Was Not Disappointed

I Asked Them To Draw A Dinosaur On The Box

I Work In A Pizza Shop, A Customer Asked For A Dirty Joke On The Box

When You Ask For A Drawing On Your Pizza Box

We Ordered A Pizza And Asked If They Could Draw Something Cool On Box

I Deliver Pizza Part Time. Somebody Ordered Online With The Instructions “Draw A Classy Cat”

I Work At Domino’s And Was Asked To Draw A Spongebob Meme

Asked For Socially Awkward Penguin On Pizza Box

I Asked Pizza Hut To Write A Joke

I Asked Pizza Hut To Draw A Funny Picture On My Pizza Box And This Is The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Customer Asked Me To Write “I Love You” On The Pizza Box. Wrote This On The Inside

Nolan Asked The Pizza Delivery Guy To Draw A Space Cat On The Pizza Box

We Asked Domino’s To Draw A Unicorn On The Box

When Pizza Hut Have A Great Sense Of Humour!

My Brother Ordered A Well Done Pizza. This Is What He Got

He Said He Wanted ‘Star Trek’ And That He Didn’t Mind If It Was Offensive

I Wrote “Meme” Like 200 Times In The Delivery Instructions

Good Luck!

Requested That The Pizza Guy Write A Joke On The Pizza Box

Asked The Pizza Place To Write Me A Joke On The Box, They Delivered

We Asked The Pizza Guy To Put A Joke In The Box

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