30 Times Reality Was Much More Impressive Than Photoshop

“Ctrl C + Ctrl V” or just Chinese sailors?

We hope that the cameraman is OK now.

Have you ever seen volcano lightning? This is it:

What a fantastic moon!

Is your inner perfectionist happy?

A huge flamingo made up of migrating flamingos

It was created with real paint.

Symmetry as it is

Always check what is hidden under the water…

Sky mirror

2 different New York Cities

Is there anything better than the beauty of Japanese landscapes?

“I am Groot.”

This looks terrifying:

Arctic icy quarters

It isn’t Bigfoot’s arm, we promise!

7 invisible surfboards. Can you see them?

Winter is coming…

A rescue team at the top of a volcano after eruption

Summer vs. Autumn

We literally fell in love with this rainbow:

Which photo did you like the most? If you’ve ever taken any breathtaking photos of the nature around you, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below!

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