Creative Funny

30 Times This Hilariously Creative Inventor Came Up With The Most Amusing But Useless Inventions

Turtle-Zipper-Neck! The age old question, to turtleneck or to not turtleneck?!

CookieMitts! Take a bite outta this!

The Baguette Pack! I know, I know…FINALLY a backpack specially designed for your delicious baguette.

HandyBowl! Who’s hungry?! Whether you are late for work or just munching on the go, strap on our portable cereal bowl for breakfast whenever.

PuppyThumbs! If dogs are a man’s best friend, don’t you think they deserve opposable thumbs?

ego Socks! Can anyone tell me why stepping on a lego is the worst pain in the world?

RoadHold! Every single car needs more cup holders.

Freehand Toothbrush! Let’s be real, who has time for dental hygiene?!

Crocs Gloves! Your dad’s favorite shoes are now available for your hands.

The Wake Up Box! Strobe yourself awake to get your day going before you know it.

The SockLocker! Sick and tired of always losing just one of your favorite socks?!

UtilityNails! The newest tool box must have just arrived!

The Pizza FannyPack! Precious pizza, anywhere – anytime!

Incognito Kicks! Ah! Feel the ground beneath you where ever you go.

Txt Bumper! Picture this – you are walking and texting, then BAM, you run right into a pole.

Scooter Computer Commuter! Grab your electric scooter and get those TPS Reports done before you even get to work.

The Digits Comb! It’s time for you to always have that natural good hair day look!

The 12oz Shirt! It’s 5 O’clock somewhere! Dress up for work and ready for happy hour all at the same time with our exciting new button down work shirt with built in cup holder.

The FocusFrames! There are too many things that try to steal our attention these days.

nstaParasol! Somehow just one little drop of rain puts your touchscreen into crisis mode.

Heels Wheels! Learn to strut like a professional.

The PersonalSpacinator! We all have had those times with close talkers, random people in public, and simply wanting to be left alone.

EyeWiped! Swish Swish, say goodbye to those annoying raindrops on your sunglasses.

The Infinity Saucelet! In one snap of my fingers all your fast food dreams will come to life.

Cuisine Curtain! Enjoy your 5 star meal in complete privacy.

The Tear-Rings! Every now and then you just need a good cry.

Luke Warm Coffee! Finally enjoy coffee the way it was intended to be served, at room temperature.

Unfold-o-matic! It’s time to get ready to head out but everything you want to wear is neatly folded up in your close

The ReadyNapper! There really is never a bad time to take a nap.

StubStoppers! It can be like a construction zone trying to get around your apartment barefoot without stubbing your toes on something.

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